About Us

If you are from southwestern Indiana the odds are in our favor that you have driven past one of our stores. The Frontier Liquors family of stores includes seven in Evansville, Indiana and Newburgh, Indiana. Since 1946, our vast selection has accommodated Hoosiers for all their drink related needs, and since late 2011 we have been serving the growing E-Cigarette community. 

We orginally sold a small line of e-cigarrettes and e-liquids in one of our stores on Green River Road. The space was cramped, and our staff was not well trained on the products. We were unable to offer the customer service that our beer, wine and spirits customers were used to, and we were faced with a difficult decision. Either eliminate the line of e-cigarettes because we couldn't offer the excellent support our customers were used to, or we could spin off the e-cigarette category and fully dedicate ourselves to the brands, products and customers.

We decided to take a risk and move the e-cigarette business it into its own retail space in August of 2012. The response was positive, and we grew our product line rapidly. The products that used to fit in a three foot tall by four foot wide glass case with twelve linear feet of shelf space barely fits on six foot tall racks with eighty feet of shelving. We are on the cutting edge of the e-cigarette market constantly researching, reviewing, and testing new products to add to our store. 

In an effort to further expand our reach we began designing a webstore with one goal in mind. Offer the same excellent products, competitive pricing, and customer service that we offer at our brick and mortar location.


The Vapor Bank Team

Vapor Bank
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